What We Do

Sunday Worship

Our Sunday services are at 8 and 10 a.m. from the Sunday after Labor Day through June, During the summer our services are at 8 and 9:30 a.m.  Our services are found in the Book of Common Prayer. A bulletin, which an usher will offer to you, will help you follow the service. You may sit anywhere you choose.

The early service is a simple spoken Rite I service with sermon. The main service, at 10 a.m., has organ and choir to lead the music as well as a sermon. Sunday School for children in pre-k through grade 8 run concurrently with the first portion of the service. Children come into the worship at the Exchange of the Peace. Nursery care is available through most of the church year. An usher can guide you.

A   New Comers brunch is held in the rectory during the year to help introduce people to the parish, to have time with the Rector, and ask questions.

Please sign our guest book so that we can stay in contact with you. It is found near the front doors of the church, or call or e-mail the church office to leave your contact information. 

Bible Study

Everyone is invited to join  our midweek Bible Study. No prior knowledge of the Bible is required.  The dates and time are found on the church calendar (main page)


Holy Baptism is full initiation, by water and the Holy Spirit, into the Christian Church. This Sacrament is open to infants, children, and adults who have not been previously baptized. Each candidate for baptism may have as many as three Sponsors (Godparents) who present the candidate and make promises that they will support the candidate by prayer and example of Christian life. Sponsors and parents of infants and young children take vows on behalf of the child who cannot speak for themselves. Baptism normally takes place on special church Feast Days and certain Sunday services. Parents and candidates meet with the Rector before selecting a baptismal date. Godparents, because of the promises they make during the service, must be baptized Christians. 

Contact the church office to make an appointment with the clergy to arrange your child's baptismal service.


Holy Matrimony is the exchanging of vows between two people committing in the presence of God. With these words the couple pledges to love one another in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, and will stay together until death parts them. They express their desire for their marriage to each other to thrive and last. 

Contact the church office to set up an appointment with the rector to discuss your marriage plans. (973-235-1177)


Contact the church office to set up an appointment with the rector as soon as possible after the death of a parishioner. (973-235-1177). The clergy will work with the funeral home to work out arrangements to honor the life of the loved one.