Wardens and Vestry

The Wardens and Vestry share in leading the parish with the Rector. They work in tandem to implement a vision and oversee the church's activity and welfare. Each Warden and vestry member is responsible for taking care of their particular area of responsibility: outreach, hospitality, and so forth.  The Wardens and the vestry members are  parishioners elected by the church membership at the Annual Meeting.

Lillian Fen
Wayne Ruben
Laura Amerman
Saundra Bianchi
Steve Canonico
Debra Cook
Robert Fischer
Jennifer Hargrave
Kevin Haszko
Raph Langberg
Donna O'Connor

Michael Peters
Ralph Turano
Phyllis Wilson
Lee Gilbert - clerk of the vestry

C0-Chairs of the Finance Committee
Joseph Sestilio & Jim Hasselbrook
Adult Choir
Altar Guild
Children's Music
Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
Evening ECW
Handbell Choir
Sunday School
Youth Choir
Youth Group
Bible Study Group
Chalice Bearers
Lay Readers
Office Volunteers


Committee Chairpersons
Altar Guild Chair, Laura Amerman
Episcopal Church Women (ECW), Lillian Fen, Mon Hinman, Afternoon Unit Chair
ECW, Martha Reiner & Joan Skorupski, Evening Unit Conveners
Flower Guild Chair, Nellie Reynolds