The Episcopal Church has partner with GreenFaith, a leading US religious environmental group, to assist churches' efforts to "go green."

he Grace Church Nutley Energy Committee, Chaired by Brad Graves,  was formed in June 2013 to participate in the GreenFaith Energy Services Program.  The goals of the program are to evaluate the infrastructure at our church, and for GreenFaith to help us find ways to use less energy, reduce costs and to make our operations more environmentally benign. 

Eight enthusiastic parishioners responded to the call to participate and formal activities will begin in early August 2013.  The first phase will be an on-site visit to perform a preliminary assessment of our current situation.  Training sessions will follow and then we will receive recommendations for changes we can make that will help us to meet the goals of the program. 

The Energy Committee will be responsible for formulating and implementing the planned improvements  Finally, we will hold an Energy Weekend event at which we will inform parishioners of the findings and the list of possible improvements.  There will also be information to help parishioners adopt the tools we learn to their home situation - helping to magnify the positive impact of the GreenFaith Energy Services Program.