This page is for administrative use only.

Click the "Create a new form" button to select a form template from Google Drive. The template may contain placeholders such as {{Child's Name}} which will be replaced with data submitted via the form.  Additionally, the template may contain the special placeholders {{FormTitle:title of form}} and {{FormDescription:description of form}}.  These will not appear in the submitted form document, so placing them in the template's header section is a good way to keep them out of the document flow. They will appear at the top of the form when it is presented to an applicant.

After a template is selected, the form will be created in Google Drive, and then the "Create a new form" button will reappear, in case you have additional forms to create. When finished, you can go to Google Drive and find the newly-created form(s). Be sure to enable the form's "onFormSubmit" trigger, under Tools -> Script editor -> Resources -> Current project's triggers, then save and approve any authorization requests that appear.

The completed form may then be inserted into a web page, using Insert -> Spreadsheet Form on the Edit menu.

Form Builder