We are committed to Christian education and formation of children, youth, and adults. Our programs help families further develop a relationship with God while making and strengthening friendships in the parish community.

Sunday School

Children meet in classrooms with their teacher from 9:45 until the exchange of the Peace for fun and lessons. We work together to help children develop and deepen their faith by:

  • Providing a safe, stable environment
  • Providing well-rounded, theologically sound lessons based on the Bible, worship, sacraments, and outreach to the community following the traditions of the Episcopal Church
  • Encouraging active developmentally-appropriate participation in worship (choristers, instrumentalists, acolytes, and lectors) as part of the body of Christ, the Church.
  • Encouraging and preparing high school students to make their own public affirmation of faith at confirmation.
  • Providing modified curriculum and opportunities for children with special needs.

K through 8th The Sunday School, under the direction of Joan Skorupski, uses a curriculum that includes Bible stories, elements of the Book of Common Prayer, Church history, and Church traditions. The upper grade teachers plan trips and service projects for the children. The children are involved in special presentations throughout the year at the 10 a.m. service; the principal one being the Christmas Pageant held during Advent. The year closes with a Strawberry Festival that highlights the children’s classroom projects, and a Youth Sermon. Sunday School begins Mid-September. Registration can be done on-line or on the Sundays in September, though a child may enroll at any time during the year. Offering envelopes are distributed during registration or from classroom teachers. Children and youth new to the parish are encouraged to come to Sunday School. On-line Sunday School Registration form may be found here.

Confirmation Class

9th Grade and Up

Those who are baptized are encouraged to make a mature, public affirmation of their faith and a commitment to the responsibilities spoken for them by their parents and sponsors at baptism. This sacrament is a solemn and joyful reaffirmation of Christian service. Classes are held on twelve Sunday afternoons. Confirmation will be at the Cathedral in Newark in May. High School students interested in confirmation participate in activities throughout the year.

Adult Study - Bible Study

Adult study is an important and lively way to learn more about our faith and how to live as a faithful person in the world. We value education as a part of each person's spiritual and faith journey. Adult formation is offered Wednesday evenings following a simple Eucharist beginning at 7:30 p.m. We welcome all to these programs.

Adult Inquirers' Class - Reception and Confirmation

The Inquirers' Class, a class that teaches about the Episcopal tradition (including the prayer book, sacraments and sacramental rites, theology, ethics, & Episcopal church history), is held in the later winter/early spring at 9 a.m. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about the church to take the classes. The classes also serve as the preparation of those  who would like to be received or confirmed into the Episcopal Church . The class is taught by Rev. Pamela. Those who desire, may be received or confirmed by the Bishop in the Spring.